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Thank Dog!® Bootcamp Canada is the place where EXERCISE and DOG OBEDIENCE training is taken one step further. If you’re in to fitness (or want to be!) and you have a dog (or want to borrow one!)…. GET your LEASH, GRAB your WEIGHTS and COME TRAIN with us! We are The Original indoor/outdoor fitness program that combines dog training, weight training, cardio training, and nutrition training for dogs and their people. A one-stop fitness program, everything gets done in an hour ( saving time and money) and nobody is left behind (or at home in this case)! This fun and challenging workout was designed by qualified professionals (both dog and fitness – trainers) to stimulate the mind, focus on the body, and create a soulful connection that will bond you and your dog forever. Any fitness level is accepted, and any dog, young or old, trained or untrained, is too! By enlisting in our bootcamp, you’ll not only get the body you’ve always wanted, you’ll have a well trained, happy dog too. Thank Dog! Thank Dog! Bootcamp Programs 2013. See Schedule for class times and location.

Thank Dog! Bootcamp

This field bootcamp will give you an incredible workout, while our dog obedience tips will enable Fido to partake in the fun, as your workout partner!

  • What to expect? 10 minutes cardio/callisthenics for you and your dog together. Over the next 10 minutes we will focus on weight training for you. Intervals continue as such for the duration of the hour. Common side effects:
  • YOU- weight loss, increase strength & muscle tone. Your dog adds an element of pleasure and is a great distraction from the workout discomfort…enabling you to push through when the going gets tough!
  • YOUR DOG -weight loss, increase strength & muscle tone. Overall temperament improvement: anxieties/displacements decrease or stop, increased calmness, easier to train, learns to socialize, decreased health issues.
  • BOTH OF YOU – Total Fulfilment of the mind, body & soul *Equipment required: exercise mat, dumb bells, 6 ft or hands free leash, training collar.

Bootcampers do push-ups work while dogs sit and stay.

Everyone gets in lots of Cardio Exercise!

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